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Camana Bay

Easterly Tibbetts Bypass,
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.
Camana Bay
(345) 640.4000
Seven Mile Beach

The town of Camana Bay in the Cayman Islands ushers in a new lifestyle experience for the Caribbean. Stretching 500 acres from Grand Cayman’s famous Seven-Mile Beach to the North Sound, this unique community was developed by Dart Realty in collaboration with an exceptional team of visionaries — architects, city planners, landscape designers, wind, water, and lighting experts. Together, they have cultivated Camana Bay as if it were a garden, seamlessly blending its contemporary design into the Caymanian landscape. 


Following the principles of New Urbanism, the Town is conceived as a series of four pedestrian-friendly villages, which include residential neighbourhoods, public parks, gardens, and courtyards, along with shops, restaurants, sports facilities, and a school. At its heart is the Town Centre, quickly emerging as Grand Cayman’s most popular destination for food, fashion, entertainment, and fun. Ultimately, any place in Camana Bay will be easily accessible via a network of lushly landscaped walkways and bike trails that crisscross the entire town. Completion of this master plan will unfold over several decades, enabling it to flourish for generations to come. (See an overview of the Town Plan here.)


Despite its youth, Camana Bay’s sense of place and community are firmly established, a result of its founders foresight. In an unusual move, Dart Realty chose to build the school, retail, and commercial areas first to allow the Town’s personality to develop before the addition of residential neighbourhoods. Additionally, thousands of native species, along with other vegetation, were planted in a 26-acre nursery a decade before groundbreaking to provide the Town with mature plants and trees. Dart Realty will continue to nurture Camana Bay, enabling it to grow better and more beautiful with each passing year, a place where life blossoms.

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