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About Us

Are you tired of viewing website after website and page after page of vacation rental listings for a particular destination you plan to visit to find 1 out of 100 is a quality vacation rental that will meet or exceed your expectations?


We strongly believe that vacationers don't just want a vacation rental for a place to sleep. They want a vacation accommodation that is an integral part of the experience while visiting a particular destination.


At we provide only quality vacation rental listings that have been hand picked by us because we feel that these 2nd home vacation rentals are located in amazing environments, in beautiful destinations, that they have visually appealing architecture and interior design, that the properties are comfortable and provide all or more of the amenities and comforts that a vacationer would have in their own home, that the home owners or property managers are good, trustworthy people who are pleasant and accommodating to their guests and most importantly that the property itself will make the vacationer never want to leave.


Many 2nd home owners first visited the destinations where their 2nd homes are located as vacationers themselves. They chose these destinations for many of the same reasons that you are now considering to vacation there. These owners are now opening up their 2nd home vacation rentals for you to experience a vacation destination like you actually live there, minus all the stress, of course.


Come stay in a 2nd home vacation rental and find out why Sometimes 2nd is Best!


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