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George Town

George Town, the capital of Grand Cayman, may be more known for cruise ships, duty free shopping and banks, and perhaps because of this, this district commonly gets overlooked by stay over tourists.


Despite this, 'Town' as its called locally, is beginning to show signs of it becoming a burgeoning vacation rental location.


George Town is the perfect location for vacationers wanting to learn about Cayman Islands' culture and history. Just walk around Town and visit historic sites like Fort George which was used to protect these islands from Pirates and other Naval attacks. Learn about our Government, justice system and National Heroes by visiting the Assembly Building, Court Houses and Heroes Square.


Don't forget the number one reason why tourists come to George Town; Duty Free Shopping!


With so many options for souvenirs, liquor, cigars, jewelry, perfumes offered by major retailers such as Kirk Freeport and Island Companies you're bound to find something to buy at a really great price for your family and friends back home or maybe even for yourself if you're feeling a little selfish.


If you're not into shopping then take a dive under water with Atlantis Submarine or Sea Trek to see all the beautiful marine life that exists in Cayman waters.


After your day of exploring and shopping sit and enjoy the view of a Cayman sunset from one of the many oceanfront bars or restaurants or pick up fresh fish from the Fish Market in the harbour to cook once you get back to your vacation rental.


Most of the inventory that now exists in George Town is located in the beautiful South Sound area.


Despite South Sounds proximity to Town this is one of the most peaceful and scenic areas of Grand Cayman which can boast azure waters and powdery sand just like Seven Mile Beach.


George Town has a little bit of everything for the stay over tourist. Along with its proximity to other great locations in the Cayman Islands such as Seven Mile Beach this makes it a well rounded location to stage your vacation from.


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