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Bodden Town

With only a few tourist attractions such as the Pedro St. James' Castle, the Mission House and the Pirate's Caves, Bodden Town has remained mostly a local community but maybe because of this, offers some really unique island experiences for the vacationer.


Although Bodden Town was the first capital of the Cayman Islands until George Town was made the capital in ,  this district was never aggressively developed like George Town and still retains the feel of a quaint coastal town.  

Like George Town, this is another great district for vacationers who are interested in learning more about Cayman's history and culture. Visit historic sites like Pedro St. James and the National Trust's Mission House or just try speaking with one of the locals selling their arts or crafts to hear all about life in Cayman.


Enjoy a local favourite like jerk chicken from one of the roadside vendors or eat fresh fried fish on the beach at Grape Tree Cafe.


Bodden Town also offers horse back riding and some great beaches for riding too.

Despite not being very developed the vacation rental options that exist in Bodden Town are quite good and range from quaint cottages to large luxury vacation villas.


If you're looking for an authentic island experience then Bodden Town is the district for you.


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