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Havana Club

West Shore Center (in the Pink Plaza) 508 West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.
In Land Restaurant
(345) 946 0523
Seven Mile Beach
Hours Of Operation:
3pm - 1am.

Havana Club Cigars and Havana Vieja is the culmination of a dream for Raglan Roper.In the late 1980’s, Raglan Roper and crew sailed his boat from Florida to Grand Cayman by way of Cuba. It was then that he fell in love with the country and it’s people and most certainly the cigars.Bye the mid 90’s Roper was a frequent visitor to Cuba, never returning to Cayman without a supply of his beloved cigars. When it became apparent that there were other people out there that loved the Cuban cigars as much as he did, he saw an opportunity to fill a demand while doing something he loved. He started on a small scale, selling basically by word of mouth and was so successful that it became necessary to open a store to house his cherished cigars. By the end of 1997, the shop was complete and Roper could most often be found there conversing with fellow cigar lovers and enjoying a stogie in his beautiful, new surroundings.

The company eventually grew to include three more shop locations, the latest addition being “Havana Vieja Restaurant and Havana Club Cigar Lounge”. Once again, Roper’s love of all things Cuban is abundantly evident in this charming, upscale restaurant and lounge. From the authentic Cuban artwork and cuisine prepared by our Cuban Chef, to the in-house Torcedor (cigar roller), a visit to “Havana Vieja” will provide you a rare opportunity to experience the cultures, food, liquor and cigars of this taboo country. If a smoky environment concerns you, it shouldn’t. The restaurant is strictly non-smoking and the lounge is equipped with a sophisticated ventilation system to ensure that your experience is as comfortable and smoke-free as possible. So, join us soon for one of our famous Cuban “Mohito” cocktails and a bite to eat, Cuban style. 

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