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Blue Iguana Safari Tour

Blue Iguana Safari Tour is about 45 minutes drive from the George Town area.
Blue Iguana Recovery Program Safari Tour
North Side, Rum Point and Cayman Kai

Guided tours behind the scenes at the secure Blue Iguana captive breeding facility, are available at 11am daily, every day except Sundays. The 1.5 hour tour also includes a gentle “safari” on foot around the Park’s woodland trails, where you will meet some of the free roaming Blue Iguanas which we have restored to the wild. You are guided throughout by one of our two Blue Iguana Wardens, both of whom are very knowledgeable about the programme and the Blue Iguanas.


To take a Blue Iguana Safari, you need to make your own way up to the QE II Botanic Park, in good time for a prompt 11am tour start from the Park’s visitor centre. The Programme doesn’t arrange transport to & from the Park, except for large group tours which can be arranged with us in advance. The Park is about 45 minutes drive from the George Town area.


You buy your ticket at the QE II Botanic Park’s gate booth as you arrive. Your Blue Iguana Safari ticket covers your Park entry fee and the full guided tour. Cash (local currency or US dollars) is accepted, as are major credit cards, and local debit cards. All net profits benefit the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme.


The tour involves gentle walking of no more than 1 mile, on gravel and crushed rock trails. We regret the tour isn’t suitable for wheelchairs or anyone who has difficultly walking unassisted. You will need sun protection, and should carry something to drink if it is hot. The iguanas are most active when the sun shines!


Expect lots of memorable photo opportunities, but remember the Blue Iguanas are wild animals, living their own lives, so we can’t guarantee how many you will see. You will also enjoy the natural forest, bird life, ponds, lake and gardens as you explore. The tour starts and ends at the Park’s visitor centre with a gift shop, rest rooms, and refreshments available.

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